2014 | Bridal Session | Rhonda | Augusta, Georgia



2014 | Weddings | Shateva & Delon | Charlotte, North Carolina



2012 | Weddings | Mykel <3 Tiffany, Melbourne, Florida

My last session of the year! My 5th wedding of the year! What a time!

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2012 | The Year Of Weddings

I really couldn’t of imagine.  I sent a prayer to God asking Him to send some weddings, even wondering if I would ever get any.  It is great that God still works miracles, even in doubt.  I’ve counted 5 fives to date and I can’t wait for the two hoping for more this year too!  This year I’ve done three weddings so far, two Cherish the Dress shoots and two Dressing Room Sessions.  I thank God for many more to come!

My Very First Wedding Session

Fayetteville, NC 2008

Man, I knew nothing of what I was doing… All I knew was that some friends I knew were getting married and I wanted to be there to shoot it.

They were getting married on May 27th, 2008.  Memorial Day! A special day for two soldiers to unit and pledge their love to one another.  I met the couple with their two witnesses at the Fayetteville Court House in North Carolina and watched them share their vows in front of the magistrate.  We then headed to a park nearby called Field of Honor which at the time of May, displays the American Flag for about a month.

At that time, I knew nothing about the camera.  I didn’t know about setting the ISO, f-stops and exposure.   I didn’t know about reflectors, using fill flash, not shooting in direct sunlight and getting that focused shot.  I had a Fuji FinePix S5700 which was probably set to AUTO and I didn’t shoot the photos in RAW!  But looking at the photos, I know even now, that I was in love with taking wedding photos.

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