2014 | Weddings | Alexis & Adolphus | Milledgeville, Georgia


Milledgeville Country Club


2014 | Weddings | Aziza & Michael | Savannah, Georgia


Cherish the Dress: Jennett

Whether you call it Trashing or Cherishing Your Dress, I love capturing it all.  So far with my goal to become a wedding photographer and shoot models in wedding gowns has been a success.  I’ve done three ‘Trashes’ so far and I have a couple of sessions coming up in the next few months.  My latest one took me to Schwetzingen Castle Gardens where I shot Jennett who was pleased to add Bridal Wear into her model portfolio.  Here are the results:



Prepare for it: And then go shoot

Another big wedding day tomorrow and batteries are charged, SD cards empty, cameras, towels, drinks and snacks are packed.  Not wearing a dress tomorrow since it’s calling for rain. RAIN! Oh no!  My list of shots that I prepared  may have to have a plan B and I plan on winging that because it’s NOT GOING TO RAIN.  But this is Germany, so I might have to take some notes before the guests and the bridal party arrive at the ceremony site tomorrow.

Here are some snapshots of the reception at a barn in Ilvesheim, Germany

Look out for photos from Christian and Anna’s wedding next week!

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2012 | Couples Session | Victor & Aszure

Aszure explained to me in the couple’s bio that the chase began when she told her husband of ten years, to STOP sending her messages on her yahoo messenger.  Victor was added unto her yahoo messenger when a friend in common was setting up his Victor’s webpage on her computer.  Fate brought them together and their commitment before God has helped them through the good and bad times.

They will celebrate their 10 year anniversary on January 19th, 2012 and since times were hard when they first were married, and were only able to honeymoon at a hotel in Washington, DC, this past Christmas they were able to treat the entire family to a Mediterranean Cruise.  They value the times they share with their four children in between a pretty busy day which starts around 6:30am.

They see Prosperity and Longevity in their future as a happy family and their advise to others is to ‘Put God first, and compromise. Trust and love with follow.  Be willing to give yourself to your spouse entirely when it comes to intimacy.”

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2012 | Weddings | Justin & Jan, Tonder, Denmark

Tonder, Denmark 2012

So I get this email from Jan: “I’m getting married in Denmark and I want you and Julian there!”

Firstly I’m thinking, “Getting married? Where did that come from? Aren’t you in Augusta on vacation?”

But my friend was….and to a good friend of hers.  Jan and her two daughters were good friends of ours and we were happy and surprised of the engagement.  She had found love and wanted us to be there to witness her take her wedding vows with Justin, who was planning to move over to Germany.

It was a 6 hour drive from Heidelberg to Tonder Denmark, a nice town where a lot of couples travel to have a civil style wedding and stayed at a rented apartment.

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2012 | The Year Of Weddings

I really couldn’t of imagine.  I sent a prayer to God asking Him to send some weddings, even wondering if I would ever get any.  It is great that God still works miracles, even in doubt.  I’ve counted 5 fives to date and I can’t wait for the two hoping for more this year too!  This year I’ve done three weddings so far, two Cherish the Dress shoots and two Dressing Room Sessions.  I thank God for many more to come!