2014 | Weddings | Crystal & Richard | Columbia, South Carolina

At T&S Farms




2014 | Wedding Album Collection

Our 10×10 Custom Leather Flush Mount Album, with Engraving and Leatherette Album Box.
Come see and feel this album at the Southern Square Bridal Show on Sunday February 9th, 2014

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2014 | It’s Here! and I’m Ready!!

I’ve set a goal to cover 25 weddings this year, and it’s a challenge that I’ll be working very hard to accomplish.  I realize there’s nothing than I love more than covering a wedding, and I am excited to take it on.  I’ve landed two weddings so far, and I’ve prayed to God, asking him for His hand in everything I do this year.    I was even blessed to remarry my husband of 15 years last year in September, and the excitement of having my family and close friends share this remarkable moment brought a realization that I always want to be a part of that.  I am excited to capture some moments that my clients can look back and laugh, cry with joy, and treasure for years to come.

Hubby and I:  Photographers of Allyson B Campbell Photography

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So let’s make this happen folks!  Two weddings and counting….


2012 | Weddings | Justin & Jan, Tonder, Denmark

Tonder, Denmark 2012

So I get this email from Jan: “I’m getting married in Denmark and I want you and Julian there!”

Firstly I’m thinking, “Getting married? Where did that come from? Aren’t you in Augusta on vacation?”

But my friend was….and to a good friend of hers.  Jan and her two daughters were good friends of ours and we were happy and surprised of the engagement.  She had found love and wanted us to be there to witness her take her wedding vows with Justin, who was planning to move over to Germany.

It was a 6 hour drive from Heidelberg to Tonder Denmark, a nice town where a lot of couples travel to have a civil style wedding and stayed at a rented apartment.

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2012 | The Year Of Weddings

I really couldn’t of imagine.  I sent a prayer to God asking Him to send some weddings, even wondering if I would ever get any.  It is great that God still works miracles, even in doubt.  I’ve counted 5 fives to date and I can’t wait for the two hoping for more this year too!  This year I’ve done three weddings so far, two Cherish the Dress shoots and two Dressing Room Sessions.  I thank God for many more to come!

My Very First Wedding Session

Fayetteville, NC 2008

Man, I knew nothing of what I was doing… All I knew was that some friends I knew were getting married and I wanted to be there to shoot it.

They were getting married on May 27th, 2008.  Memorial Day! A special day for two soldiers to unit and pledge their love to one another.  I met the couple with their two witnesses at the Fayetteville Court House in North Carolina and watched them share their vows in front of the magistrate.  We then headed to a park nearby called Field of Honor which at the time of May, displays the American Flag for about a month.

At that time, I knew nothing about the camera.  I didn’t know about setting the ISO, f-stops and exposure.   I didn’t know about reflectors, using fill flash, not shooting in direct sunlight and getting that focused shot.  I had a Fuji FinePix S5700 which was probably set to AUTO and I didn’t shoot the photos in RAW!  But looking at the photos, I know even now, that I was in love with taking wedding photos.

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