2014 | Bridal Session | Rhonda | Augusta, Georgia



2014 | Weddings | Alexis & Adolphus | Milledgeville, Georgia


Milledgeville Country Club

2012 | Weddings | Mykel <3 Tiffany, Melbourne, Florida

My last session of the year! My 5th wedding of the year! What a time!

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Prepare for it: And then go shoot

Another big wedding day tomorrow and batteries are charged, SD cards empty, cameras, towels, drinks and snacks are packed.  Not wearing a dress tomorrow since it’s calling for rain. RAIN! Oh no!  My list of shots that I prepared  may have to have a plan B and I plan on winging that because it’s NOT GOING TO RAIN.  But this is Germany, so I might have to take some notes before the guests and the bridal party arrive at the ceremony site tomorrow.

Here are some snapshots of the reception at a barn in Ilvesheim, Germany

Look out for photos from Christian and Anna’s wedding next week!

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2012 | The Dressing Room Session | Anna & Christian

When I got the email inquiring my services for a wedding, it could not of come at a perfect time.  A perfect time to test out The Dressing Room Session.  So I asked Anna if we could meet downtown in Heidelberg with her fiance, Christian to talk about their up coming nuptials and take a few shots.  If the meeting was good, at least I could be put on the number one list of choice.  By the end of our meeting, I was booked!