2014 | E-Session | Michelle & Billy,The Riverwalk, Augusta, Georgia

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2014 | E-Session | Rhonda & Jovan, Savannah Rapids, Augusta, Georgia

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Need Some Help…


Places to hold your engagement session


Pool Hall

Baseball, FootBall Field

Tennis Court



The Beach

At Home



Amusement Park

In The City, In The Country



Bowling Alley

Golf Course

Hockey Rink


What are some places you know to hold an engagement session?1487667_410012195810342_980431857_o

2014 | Southern Square Bridal {Pre} Show

DSC_1838 copyA small caption of what I have ready for Sunday.  We’ll be at the Enterprise Mill at downtown Augusta, and we’re excited to be doing our first bridal show.   There will be photos to show on Monday. Wish us luck!

2014 | Wedding Album Collection

Our 10×10 Custom Leather Flush Mount Album, with Engraving and Leatherette Album Box.
Come see and feel this album at the Southern Square Bridal Show on Sunday February 9th, 2014

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2014 | Food | The Pink Frosting Cafe

Today’s lunch was spent a local eatery here in Augusta, GA.
Love the look of the cupcakes??? Go try them for yourself. They are just as good as they look!!!!

Look for their booth at the Southern Square Bridal {Show} in Augusta, GA on Sunday February 9th, 2014 — at Pink Frosting – A Local Eatery.

Who are these little Legos at the eatery?
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2014 | Engagement Session | Cartez & Rhonda, Columbia GA

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We had fun meeting and capturing Cartez and Rhonda’s Engagement Session in Columbia, South Carolina and can’t wait to shoot their wedding at the Lake House in South Carolina!DSC_0962wm copy DSC_1009WM copy DSC_0896wm copy DSC_0906wm copy DSC_0913wm copy DSC_0962wm copy DSC_0977wm copy DSC_1009WM copy DSC_1018wm copy DSC_1074wm copy DSC_1083wm copy DSC_1085wm copy DSC_1095wm copy DSC_1118wm copy DSC_1121wm copy DSC_1126wm copy DSC_0211wm copy DSC_0235wm copy DSC_0258wm copy DSC_0393wm copy DSC_0400wm copy DSC_0408wm copy DSC_0420wm copy DSC_0457wm copy DSC_0845wm copy DSC_0859wm copy DSC_0883wm copy DSC_0888wm copy



2013 | Trash the Dress Session | Coren

We had so much fun shooting this Trash the Dress session with the Wagner Family.  Long time friends of hours, Coren said, “I think it’s time to trash my gown…”  I was too happy to oblige. DSC_0035wm copy DSC_0043wm copy DSC_0057wm copy DSC_0062wm copy DSC_0105wm copy DSC_0108wm copy DSC_0115wm copy DSC_0126wm copy DSC_0143wm copy DSC_0144wm copy DSC_0148wm copy DSC_0166wm copy DSC_0178wm copy DSC_0189wm copy DSC_0213wm copy DSC_0217wm copy DSC_0228wm copy DSC_0248wm copy DSC_0264wm copy DSC_0269 copy DSC_0273wm copy DSC_0277wm copy DSC_0282wm copy