Allyson Likes

  • I LIKE my Writing

Blogging has taken over now, but I used to enjoy sitting with a blank notepad, scribble out a story about love and life based on characters.  It is something I haven’t given up as I have yet to introduce you to the newest characters in my novels: Classic Girl, Listen to Your Heart, and Where I Wanna Be.  (don’t know if those will be the titles of the novels though)

  • I LIKE my Shootsac

I’ve had my eye on this lens bag for over a year now and was privilege to receive it as a gift.  Not it’s on my hip at every session and event I cover.

  • I LIKE my D300s

I contemplated buying this Nikon camera body because the price was a bit steep, even though I had the money for it.  But I prayed and asked God if I was ready for it.  I’m glad I listened to the voice I heard say to me – “Just trust me, Allyson.”

  • I LIKE my Photography

Need I say more – just look ~ my website

  • I LIKE my Life in Germany

In 2008 I wondered what it would have been like living in Europe.  Well to my surprise, my husband said, “Want to move to Germany?” Like he even had to ask.  I’ve enjoyed my life here traveling, eating ‘eis’, hearing the different languages and driving on the Autobahn!

  • I LIKE my everything Coconut

Anything with the main ingredient: coconut – I’m munching on.  Surprisingly I don’t drink pure coconut water or eat the jelly out of a fresh nut.  But I’m going to add the drink to other beverages.

  • I LIKE my iPhone & iPad

I had to link these two products together because when I only had the iPhone, I was on it constantly.  Now that I have the iPad, I’m not only handling emails, writing on Facebook, or updating my calendar.  I’m hooked on the “Story” games.  I cook and bake, order clothes for my boutique, grow my crops, build my city and zoo and party hardy at my club.

  • I LIKE my Pandora Charms

One of the easiest ways my hubby can buy me jewelry that I’ll love.  After he wasted over $200 on a jewelry set, I said, “That’s it…”  Now he has a gift for every holiday for at least 10 years and a wish list to follow – lol

  • I LIKE Sushi

My hubby and I often visited Miyabi’s Sushi Section in Fayetteville, NC and now we’re glad to know there’s one in Augusta, GA, where we are planning to move.


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