2013 | Trash the Dress Session | Coren

We had so much fun shooting this Trash the Dress session with the Wagner Family.  Long time friends of hours, Coren said, “I think it’s time to trash my gown…”  I was too happy to oblige. DSC_0035wm copy DSC_0043wm copy DSC_0057wm copy DSC_0062wm copy DSC_0105wm copy DSC_0108wm copy DSC_0115wm copy DSC_0126wm copy DSC_0143wm copy DSC_0144wm copy DSC_0148wm copy DSC_0166wm copy DSC_0178wm copy DSC_0189wm copy DSC_0213wm copy DSC_0217wm copy DSC_0228wm copy DSC_0248wm copy DSC_0264wm copy DSC_0269 copy DSC_0273wm copy DSC_0277wm copy DSC_0282wm copy


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