Creative Personalized Packaging

“Someone’s going to receive their photos in a lovely package tomorrow!”


The lady at the craft store asked me today: “What are you going to do with the hemp cords?” “I’m a photographer,” I replied, “….and I just bought some folders from the PX. I’m putting together my own packaging folders for my clients when I produce their photos to them.”

She loved the idea. I have so many crafts laying around the house, not in use and so putting them to use, I created something much cheaper than I would want to spend right now.  After purchasing some packaging supplies from Loktah, which seemed too expensive for me to buy in bulk at this time, I sat by looking through web pages looking for some unique folders.  But who says I have to get what others are buying.  Why not make my own stamp when presenting photos to my clients?

I think this is my way of personalizing my thanks to my clients too.


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