2012 | The Dressing Room Sessions

Are free!!!

I was introduced to this neat idea when I read a blog earlier this month and decided to introduce it as a way of getting comfortable with potential brides and grooms.  It worked!  To my surprise, when I returned to Germany from my two week vacation in the States, I was approached by two different couples to photograph their wedding.  Besides being totally amazed at how quick God continues to work in my professional life (as well as my personal), I approached the idea to the couples who loved this ‘meet and greet’ session.

The Dressing Room Sessions will last for no more than an hour, with just fifteen to twenty minutes of photo work, so they could see my shooting style and get an idea of how I work.  It’s also a way for all to feel comfortable before the Big Day when everyone is excited, nervous, teary-eyed and in awe all at once; also knowing that the person capturing the most important time of the beginning of their lives, is doing what she needs to do to make sure in the end, everyone is content. Some of the photos will then be posted on the secure website for viewing, similar to what the bride and groom will expect when they view their wedding photos.  The couple will once again have these photos for their own and it is all free.  Unlike an Engagement Session where photos may be taken for slideshows at the wedding or to be put on Save-the-Date cards, the Dressing Room session has no future obligation if the couple doesn’t like me work.

So if you’re getting married in the future, sign up for The Dressing Room Session.  We’ll begin our time chatting about your upcoming nuptials and finding out what you are looking for in a wedding photographer and then we’ll have fun shooting your photos.


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