Immerse Yourself In It: Then Go Shoot

So I got the call the beginning of this week, asking if I wanted to help shoot a wedding this coming weekend – Well of course!

So there went my vacation this week because I did all things photography.  I was a bit perturbed not planning a trip in time for this week, but I’m always happy to know that I soon find out why things were supposed to be the way they are supposed to be.

I met with the groom and bride yesterday, and even the groom commented that ‘…things happen for a reason.’  He’s German/Russian, and was trying to explain it to me, not really getting the English way of saying it – but I knew exactly what he was talking about.  I was lucky that I did take this week off because usually I work Thursday nights. So here it is, I was able to meet with him because the other photographer couldn’t and I know I represented both of us very well.  So, FOUR hours later, I’m heading home feeling on air.

I first met with the groom and we clicked just for the mere fact that he’s creative as well (and we both share a degree in Interior Design). We talked of my responsibilities for the day and he was so happy I was able to do this on such short notice.  I’d heard of last minute cancellations with photographers, only to have  and another one readily take their place at weddings before, but never really thought I would win that luck myself.  The groom’s photographers wanted to up the price for the wedding photo session a week before; and these were business associates of his.  He owns an advertising company (again, my luck) and the photographer company that he usually send work to wanted to play smart. They expected him to agree to the terms of raising the price and were astonished when he declined.  So here it is, we are sitting at a cafe outside, because of the gorgeous weather Germany has been experiencing of late, talking of his wedding this Saturday and he’s freaking out because of all the things he has to figure out before it, while running his business.  ‘The women are better at organization.’ he said.

We couldn’t go into the church because it was closed, so we went to the nearby park in Weisloch and I took some pictures of its surroundings.  He told me of some history of the area, all while still taking phone calls from the caterer and DJ and his lovely bride.  So now, off to meet his bride and family.

She seemed calm, but told me that she was so nervous.  I told her what I did at my wedding – ‘Take it easy and don’t worry about anything.  It’s your day.’  She smiled, still unsure.  I mean, look at what happened to her photographer who she’d booked before.

I took pictures of their home because that’s where I start on Saturday.  She will be with her bridesmaid and family and I get to capture it all.  She will then be taken to the church on a horse carriage, where the other photographer (Shaheed, who made this all happen for me) will be waiting with guests and the priest.  The groom and I spent hours not only talking about a wedding, but food.  They love trying different dishes and recommended a lot of restaurants here that I should try: Persian/Iranian, Indian and Italian.  They were very welcoming, thanking me for working with Shaheed on their wedding day.  It’s funny, but the groom and I would tell you his name is Vitali, thought that Emilia (the bride) wouldn’t care for traditional poses; so I was laughing to myself when she checked off mostly everything on the wedding photos checklist.  I met their two children, one of them they nicknamed, Evil – who were just as adorable as ever – I think they were happy to meet a new person at their home.  I left their home close to 10 o’clock, assuring them that I will be at their home around midday on Saturday, wedding to shoot.

So today….I will immerse myself in all things wedding photography…and Then Go Shoot on Saturday!


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