2010 | Weddings | Vitali & Emilia Orhmann, Weisloch, Germany

Weisloch, Germany 2010

My first International Wedding! And I was psyched!  My good friend and fellow photographer, Shaheed, emailed me and said, “Allyson, you want to help me shoot a wedding this Saturday?” ‘Uh, YEAH!’

It seemed that on that Monday the original photographers were fired for asking for more money A WEEK before the wedding.  Not even a week – FIVE DAYS.  And I had to meet with the groom on Thursday to go through the program for the day, and confirm that I would be there.  I mean, who does that: cancel on a service a week before the wedding!  Well it seems that it happens a lot here in Germany and that’s why here in 2012, I am talking with a bride about ‘sticking to my contract and making sure that if I am not there, they are not responsible for final payments’.  This really wouldn’t stand in America.  But I got the job and me and Shaheed and my husband had a great time shooting this fun wedding.  It was the beginning of my journey!

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